Wanna Start a Nerd Fight?


(Article by nerdbastards contributor Mark Poynter, A.K.A Mordrun)

This photo is working it’s way around the internet, apparently in an effort to make some nerds flame on and troll out. Not me, I kinda like it.

OK, sit back, sip your beer, and let’s think this through for a minute.  We’ve got a picture of Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly, a quote by Spock from Star Trek, and said quote attributed to Han Solo from Star Wars.

Mal is a smooth operator, much like Han, and Spock, Spock was the pimp daddy of the cool customers in the day.  (That means that he was the one stealing your girlfriend and raising your bike up the flag pole.)  This photo is the mash up of 70’s, 80’s, and 2000,s coolest men of on-screen science fiction.  We all know that Mal and Han shoot first and shoot straight.  Damn straight I say.  So how does Spock fit into that?  Spock is so smooth that he’s already planned your response into his planning of the plan he will use to defeat you, and make it all look so logically simple.  All three of these guys are the Dos Equis guy of their respective franchises.



Respect the Franchise Dos Equis Guys.  Forget Chuck Norris, these guys will mess up your world if you push the wrong buttons.  So the next time you see something like this, don’t spaz out, grab a beer and chill out.  All the cross franchise nerds are doing it.

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