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We were some pretty goofy looking guys back in the day.  There never seemed to be that much merchandise around so when you got a cool shirt, you wore the hell out of it.  I wore shirts that ended up with just about as many holes as my underwear.  Without knowing it, we were cool, before anyone knew what cool was.  Retro is the new cool these days.  Just check out Megan below.


The Force is strong in that one . . . yeah . . . force . . .

So along comes Hey Oscar Wilde, bearing gifts.  No cool gifts, he ain’t some old guy with a candy bar at the entrance to some alley, he’s the guy with the good stuff.

Hey Oscar Wilde posted:

Here’s a Christmas gift for you.
All 16 Star Wars iron on transfers taken from The Star Wars Iron On Transfer Book (Ballantine Books/1978). Download the zip file with all 16 optimized images available here (if this doesn’t work or expires, shoot me a message and I’ll re-up.  I just tested it and it works fine).Print the image you choose on the highest quality on special iron on paper (the Epson offering seems to get good reviews on amazon) and transfer to your t-shirt. Actual image size is 5 1/2 inches by 7 inches.

Thanks for following me these past few months.

What a great find and gesture to his fans, count us among them!

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