SHEEN WARS- A Charlie Sheen Darth Vader Mashup


Are you tired of Charlie Sheen yet? Well I’m certainly fucking not. His show, Two and a Half Men, is shut down for the season. His kids have been taken away. All as a result of his bat-shit crazy out bursts and of course he’s substance abuse problems. He’s an ‘effing mess! I’m just going to put this out there, he looks like… Skeletor and older than his dad! You could house a large baby in his nostril. Suffice to say, I love this man! Who could resist a man with “tiger blood,” ”Adonis DNA” and “fire-breathing fists”?

So, as you know (from one of the many quotes above) Mr. Sheen has practically invented a new language with his rants and ramblings. It’s become a bit of a media phenomenon. His musing and misdemeanors are everywhere. And now, they’ve made into Star Wars.

Ladies and gentleman allow me to introduce to you a video mash-up entitled “Sheen Wars”. Mashing up Charlie Sheen’s recent rant and Darth Vader. It’s pretty much what the internet was made for. It was clearly created by fools and trolls and meant for Gnarly Gnarlingtons.


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