And the big (maybe semi-big) names keep rolling in. The Wonder Woman television series from David E. Kelley that almost didn’t happen is rushing along pre-production. Just last week we learned Elizabeth Hurley would be playing villianess, Veronica Cale. Two more roles were cast as well, Tracie Thoms as Etta Candy and Pedro Pascal as a friendly police officer. Now we’ve got even more casting news, Cary Elwes, star of The Princess Bride and Saw will be playing the CEO of Themyscria Industries.  Oh man, this is a lot of casting for characters I’ve never even heard of. All of whom will be joining Adrianne Palicki, our new Diana of Themyscria. Recently Palicki was seen sporting her new, darker do she’ll be donning to play the princess. The bangs are of some concern. How can we see a tiara under all that hair (pictured above)?

The more I learn the more I’m worried about this series. For years we bitched and moaned, “Why doesn’t Wonder Woman have a movie!?!, ” and I’m afraid we’re not going to like our answer. Kelley’s premise still reads like Wonder Woman meets Ally McBeal, yuck. And I fear this series will fail and all the big-shots in charge of these decisions will be like, “See, this is why Wonder Woman doesn’t have a movie and most of the time we ignore her existance all together, she doesn’t sell.” Which will be enrage me so much I’ll transform in to my Red Lantern alter ego and ravage all of Los Angeles.

But what I’m even more afraid of? That this Wonder Woman running a company in man’s world, trying to find herself, moping over a lost love bullshit will be terrible and everyone will love it. Then we’ll have this new versions of the Amazon princess and no one will remember what a rad, ass-kicking lady she is. Even worse, what if she doesn’t wear the star-spangled bathing suit!? This could be like Smallville all over again. ::shudders::

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