Suck On This Broadway, Scenes From ‘The Spidey Project’

See, this is what happens when you not only waste six years and 70 million dollars but hold back your opening night time and time again. A second Spider-man production comes out of nowhere and with literally nothing but volunteers makes a better production then the now fired Julie Taymor and her Spider-man: Turn off the dark. I hate being the one to break out the obvious but this is what happens when you get sick of waiting for the real thing. After all the accidents, set backs and re-scheduled openings New York finally gets its comic book musical and it didn’t cost a dime. If you weren’t there for the first Spider-man musical ever, that beat out the actual budgeted play, then we’ve got you covered.

Does whatever a spider does (without Bono on it’s ass)

The Spidey Project, made good on it’s promise: it was constructed, rehearsed and debuted all in one month. Getting beat to your debut night is pretty bad;getting beat by 71 months, 70 million dollars and still having your ENTIRE original cast is just humiliating. Here’s parts 1-4 in their entirety, now let’s see if these fantastic people can beat that Batman world tour by the end of the year.

Parts 2, 3 and 4 AFTER THE JUMP

That “Chipotle” song is gonna be taking the nation by storm.

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