Akira was the first anime I ever watched outside of Sailor Moon and it was an eye opening experinece. Instead of a bright and colorful landscape with funny monsters it was all grunge and dirt filled with more technology that could ever fit in Sailor Moon’s skirt. 2019’s Neo-Tokyo may only be eight years away but if your carrying $4000 in your wallet you could be the proud owner of Kaneda’s motorcycle. Yes, the exact motorcycle from the 1988 movie could be yours making you the envy of the next anime convention.

12500 RPM of awesome

Constructed for the Kanye West video “Stronger”, you know the one heavily based on the said anime. While it didn’t survive the final cut of the music video it did however make it’s way onto Craigslist. A bike made for a music video, an exact replica for that matter, and it’s being sold for only 4000 pieces of the paper money what could be the issue? Constructed by Hollywood Fabricator Eddie Paul the bike is meant to be a collectible, made out of steel and vacuum-formed plastic with rubber tires. That’s why it’s practically a steal; it’s got no engine and is meant to only be shown off, at least it’s signed by Kanye and the music video producer. If you’ve got $4000 dollars and you want a replica of a bike you can’t ride then by all means contact the ad, it’s still up as of this article.

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