I guess today is all about showing off  your super hero’s new duds. Earlier we had the reveal of the finished costume for the Green Lantern movie and now we’ve got pictures and video of the cast of the stage show, Batman Live in full costume.

We’ve mentioned the upcoming stage production before but as a refresher here’s the plot,

Faithfully adapted from the DC Comics characters and stories, BATMAN LIVE focuses on Robin’s quest for justice, which leads him to follow in the footsteps of his hero, the mysterious vigilante known as the Batman – much to the dismay of his protective guardian, millionaire Bruce Wayne – who secretly happens to be Batman.

A dazzling celebration of storytelling and stagecraft, BATMAN LIVE is at its heart an affecting coming of age story. Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson – both orphaned at an early age – must first learn to overcome their own fears and forge their own family – along with Police Commissioner James Gordon and Bruce’s trusted butler, Alfred Pennyworth – if they’re going to survive the combined forces of Batman’s larger-than-life rogues gallery: The Joker, The Penguin, Catwoman, The Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

It’s a great premise and all the aerial stunts needed to tell Robin’s origin will make an exciting show for the kids. And for all the kids at heart, also known as rampant Batman fans, should also love it. It’s being penned by Allan Heinberg, Stan Berkowitz and Allan Burnet, writers who are very familiar with the Dark Knight and his cast of crazies.

Continue on after the jump for more images and some videos from a press preview of Batman Live.

Let’s start with some pictures, first the dynamic duo,

These look like the costume designers were forced to watch Joel Schumacher’s opus Batman & Robin on repeat for hours and hours until they designed these plastic-y armor atrocities. Maybe they’ll work better on stage, when we’re sitting many, many feet away and the shine won’t blind us. Also, the actor playing Robin doesn’t really look all that young, isn’t this supposed to be the young ward’s origin story? I understand we can’t cast a 10 year old boy but come on guys, they’re wasn’t a fresh faced, young actor who could be the Boy Wonder?

So the heroes costumes leave something to be desired. How about the villains?

These are a better. I’m a little surprised by Ivy’s costume, those are some very carefully placed vines and leaves. The Penguin, Catwoman, Riddler and the Joker all look like common and faithful adaptations. Harley Quinn, again is sporting a new design. What is the fascination with the constant redesign of her outfit? Would her original leotard from Batman: The Animated Series really not work for a stage show? Oh well, it’s just me fangirl griping. The skirt and the pigtails, they’re very cute. And bonus for including a giant mallet.

But I also promised some videos. These are from a press preview given recently to allow everyone a chance to see what the world of Batman Live will look like. The first video includes a CGI representation of Gotham City. I like what I’m seeing, especially with the atmosphere they’ve created. If the sets look anything like these computer creations I think we’re in for a fantastic show.

The next clip is a preview of some animation they’ll be  projecting on a large, bat screen. I can only assume this animation would be filling in elements of the back story and also provide the audience something to watch while the sets are changing. This particular animation clip is the ever tragic origin of Batman in Crime Alley.

Another clip of CGI representations of Harley’s carnival and Wayne Manor. When we travel to Wayne Manor you can see how they’ll be utilizing the large, bat-shaped screen. It’s a need combination of the 2D world of the comics and the 3D stage world.

And finally we see the cast in action. Geoff Johns is on screen talking about the production before he is interrupted by the Joker and the rest of the villainous gang. Then of course Batman shows up to ruin all their fun.

I like the guy playing the Joker. He’s obviously incorporating previous Jokers from Romero to Hamill to Ledger, but it all works. The Joker’s really iconic, so it’s good to see a familiar character. I don’t think the stage production had any plans of reinventing any of these villains. Harley’s a cutie, Riddler looks imposing in his suit and Ivy, well, what is she doing with her arms? She looks really bizarre and uncomfortable when she walks but umm, if she stays still she’s sexy, that’s what they want right? Oh, and she’s really showing off quite a bit of ass cheek, for the kids, you know. Penguin is all and hunched and sounds like he’s got a good squawk. I think Catwoman’s costume could have been more skin tight, more like a cat suit. I like the belted look, very classy and implies socialite. Even with a wonky Ivy I’m pleased with these villains, a little impressed even. How about the Dark Knight and Boy Wonder?

They only show up at the very end and then run on stage. In motion Robin’s outfit looks a little less ridiculous, Batman’s not so much. It’s waaaay too shiny. Again, a bit too much Schumacher. They also don’t say anything, or really do anything except strike a pose and leave. I guess we’ll have to wait and see how they’re interpretations of Batman and Robin stack up to the villains.

This is quite a bit of new stuff from Batman Live, is it getting you pumped or are you dreading this? Surely it looks better than Spider-Man Turn of the Dark, and hell at this rate may officially open before it!

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