Today Warner Bros. released new images of Ryan Reynolds in his Green Lantern suit, with fully-realized special effects. Ooooh. Aaaah. They’re pretty and they’re availalble in all their high resolution glory after the cut, but for me, this suit is still an issue.

While the footage shown at WonderCon eased my doubts about the believability of the film’s CGI effects, the fact that they chose to make his outfit completely CGI bugs the crap out of me. Hal Jordan suits up in a way that could never be reproduced without CGI, but once he’s transformed why can’t Reynolds actually be wearing a costume. One that is tangible. And his mask? Come on, it looks ridiculous! Like he wakes up in the morning and paints the thing on. No one had a latex mask lying around?

All right, I’m done ranting. I know once I see the film I won’t be squawking about his costume anymore because all of the other amazing CGI effects will be a feast for my eyes. Check out the new pics below the cut and let me know what you think about the final CGI outfit. Wearable, bearable or terrible?

source: Daily Blam

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