Smallville started with a familiar story known throughout comic book geekdom. An alien baby crash lands on the planet Earth, where he’s found by an Earth couple unable to have a child.  This child, little did they know, would become the super hero we all know as Superman. But before he can be the savior of the world he has to get through high school, lose his first love and defeating a 150 some odd villains in the 10 season span of this show.  Fans have been by Clark Kent’s side for every step of his transition from awkward teen to the destined savior of earth, and now the time has come.  After 10 years, we say goodbye to Clark Kent in today’s series finale of Smallville, and welcome in his place Superman.  Smallville is the longest-running comic book based series in television history whose pilot episode debut had an estimated, with 8.4 million viewers and took the rated the highest viewed show for a pilot episode and the fan base has grown ever since. In an exclusive interview with MTV, Smallville’s executive producer Brian Peterson shared with fans that,

“What is important with us on this is Clark and Clark’s journey and everything hung off of that. So our main goal was sending Clark off, and making his transition this huge pivotal moment for the show and for him.”

So, with Clark’s journey in mind let’s take a look at some pivotal moments that shaped Clark Kent into the great Superman:

Season 1:

When Clark is hanging in the middle of the cornfield with an S on his chest, during the Pilot Episode, it foreshadowed what was to come for young Clark Kent. That “S” is iconic and unforgettable, plus the whole situation showed his weakness to kryptonite and marked one of the few friendly moments between Clark and Lex.

Season 2:

In Insurgence Clark demonstrates a more extended array of abilities when he leaps tall buildings in a single bound to save his mom from a hostage situation. This made us all hopeful for the day Clark would fly.

Season 4:

In Commencement our jaws were left hanging with the visually stunning  image of Clark protecting a boy from a meteor explosion, while Smallville is hit with a meteor shower. This episode marks as one of the moments of embracing his commitment to saving mankind from disaster.


Jonathan Kent walks out into the yard, clutching his chest as he dies of a heart attack in Clark and Martha’s arms, in the episode Reckoning. This is one of the game changing moments in the series, and Clark lost his adoptive father who was the one person who was near and dear to his heart. It can get no sadder, and no life altering than that.

Season 7:

In Descent Lex Luthor makes the choice to turn to the dark side and murders his father. Throughout the series Lionel Luthor was a real a**h**e, and it’s sad to see Lionel asking for redemption from the monster he created.  This episode clearly defines the line between good vs. evil, and John Glover made this episode one of the darkest and most thrilling of the series.

Now let’s take a look at the highlights for today’s series finale, and discuss its effectiveness to wrap up the series. (Spoiler Alert)

  • Mama Clark tells Clark to not push away his past, but needs to embrace and use it as a way to build a better future.
  • The wedding scene in the episode has Louis Lane walking herself down the aisle and as she looks down the aisle she sees that Clark isn’t there. Her face breaks your heart, but Clark pieces it together as he comes up behind her, grabs her hand, and they both walk down the aisle. The vows they share are exquisitely written.  ( I cried as Christina Yang would say: “Baby B***h tears” that whole scene.)
  • Holy S**t! Father/daughter moment gets disturbing as Tess is harvested for her heart, but she escapes and Lex instead gets his father’s heart WTF!
  • He can fly! He can FLY!!!
  • During the last 30 minutes of the show Tess, Lex Luthor’s sister, is stabbed by her brother mid embrace, but Lex finds out that during what seemed like a tender touch to the cheek was really Tess putting a toxin on his skin to make him forget all his painful memories, and of Clark Kent’s secret identity.
  • The suit is revealed and the past and future combine to create…. SUPERMAN! It’s about damn time.
  • 7 year flash forward and Luthor is elected President!

The last scene with its soaring fanfare has viewers jumping out of their seat in excitement, and chills run down the spine as  Clark Kent reveals his super suit in the iconic manner. His first flight up, and into outer space makes every geek shed a tear as we truly see this boy become a man. This finale not only left a large meteor of hope for the future of the Superman franchise, but also makes fans and viewers realize that this show made us have faith in justice, and that true good does exist.  For now let’s take a moment and bask in compilation of ten years of hard work that went towards the unique reinterpretation of Superman’s years as youth, the growth of the characters with every season, visual progress, the shedding of weekly bad guys and growing towards different adventure arcs with a major villains, and keeping the integrity of the comic in the forefront of the show has kept fans coming back season after season. So, don’t shed too many tears cuz this is not an end, but only the beginning of newer and greater things to come.

Share your thoughts on today’s episode or your favorite moments in the series at the comment box below.


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