Yes, we’re all happy that NBC trashed David E. Kelly‘s Wonder Woman pilot like a prom night dumpster baby. But, dammit, we had pitch forks and torches at the ready. How dare they kill their monster before we could lynch it. Plus, we were robbed of seeing Adrianne Palicki in the rumored Lynda Carter-esque HOT PANTS. Yep, the infamous short-shorts were said to be 1 of 3 costumes seen in the show. Star spangled ass will never hit the TV airwaves. Fuck!

Ah, but wait.

Thanks to Wonder Woman tv (and @WonderboyLB who tipped them off) we can now see what would have been. The underoos have been revealed!

Don’t believe us, check out the whole wonder after the jump

Kudos to the bald dude for looking like the happiest mother fucker on the planet. Oh wait, he doesn’t. Bonus points for successfully avoiding ‘the hover hand’. Happy face our not, he’s actually touching a beautiful woman.

Back to the hot pants. Good riddance, maybe? If the show would have aired, these threads would have incited another another fan back lash, for sure. However, they’re such a throwback to the days of Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman. I can’t argue the nostalgia. And, Palicki’s exposed flesh does make my penis happy.

What do you think of the hot pants that’ll never be seen on the small screen?

Via: io9

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