June’s begun, and the season of super hero movies is upon us. Two super hero movies are opening in June, X-Men: First Class on June 3rd and Green Lantern on June 17th. After them, on July 22nd will be  Captain America. Pull out your tights, capes and cowls, it’s time for a super hero movies news roundup.

First, let’s begin with the critical darling of the comic book movies, X-Men First Class. Two more clips have been released, because apparently you still need convincing why this movie is gonna rock. These two clips focus on Banshee and his super sonic scream. The first shows him training and the second using his scream as sonar to locate a submarine.

Using you sonic scream to attain flight is a neat trick, but what I can’t wait to see is Magneto lifting that sub out of the water. In X3 it was badass when Magneto moved an entire bridge, but lifting a sub out of the ocean, whoa.

source: GeekTyrant

More super hero movie news after the jump!

Moving on to the next Marvel movie of the summer, Captain America, the final film to set up the highly anticipated Avengers. It’ll be releasing San Diego Comic Con weekend but the media push is beginning now. Today we’ve got three character posters featuring Cap, Red Skull and Peggy Carter.

source: GeekTyrant

Besides these sweet looking posters we’ve also managed to lay hands on two television spots. The quality is shoddy at best but you can manage a few glimpes of Cap kickin’ Nazi ass.

source: ComicBookMovie


All right, enough of this Marvel movie news, what’s happening in the DC land (besides them completely rebooting their universe, again. More on that later today). Well, we know there was an attempt at a Wonder Woman television show. I’m sure you haven’t forgotten, she was sporting those blue latex pants that turned the interwebz ablaze with criticism. The show isn’t happening because it’s pilot was apparently a pile of stinky shit and noone wanted to air it. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look as some stills from the pilot and muse on what could have been.

I can’t believe they denied us Adrianne Palicki in those short shorts. Those bastards. Anyway, while all we heard was the pilot was complete shit, iFanboy reviewed it and actually had something positve to say. Mostly about Palicki as Wonder Woman,

As Wonder Woman/Diana Themyscira/Diana Prince, Adrianne Palicki was a revelation. I was already a big fan of hers from Friday Night Lights but here she takes center stage and pulls off what is an extremely difficult role. She’s tough, she’s charming, she’s sexy, she’s vulnerable, and she’s got a little bit of an angry edge to her when she’s Wonder Woman that adds just a dash of exciting unpredictability. This could have been a star making turn for Palicki who certainly deserves one.

Well this is a bummer to read. I really wanted this show to get picked up, even if it sucked at the beginning there would be a chance for it to grow. I’m afraid that with this setback we may never seen Wonder Woman back on television, or hell, starring in her own movie. It’s sorry treatment for the Amazon Princess.

source: /Film

Lastly, but surely not least we have a little rumor coming off the set for The Dark Knight Rises. The final of Christopher Nolan‘s Batman films is well underway filming and a spectator just might have garnered some info concerning Alfred Pennyworth,

Have been hanging around the location filming just down the road from where I live off and on throughout the day. Could tell that the majority of the filming was going on inside rather than outside. I didn’t take any pictures, because all there was to see was some lighting rigs, two big Panavision trucks, a wardrobe truck and security guards. Nothing worthy of a photograph.

We did eventually talk to a security guard, who told us The Croydon Delta Point building is doubling for a Gotham hospital and Alfred is admitted as a patient.

If they kill off Alfred I’m going to be pissed. Obviously he can be admitted to a hospital without dying, but it’s the final film in the series, they wouldn’t need to keep him around. Whatever, all I’m saying is keep your hands off the butler, man.

source: ComicBookMovie

There you go, you’re roundup of super hero movie news for the beginning of June. There wasn’t anything to share about Green Lantern, but you know we’ll have more to report as June continues. In the meantime, what movie are you most excited for, X-Men: First Class, Green Lantern or Captain America?

Me? It’s a toss up between First Class and Green Lantern. Let’s face it, First Class looks awesome and will hopefully wash away the bad taste of X3 and Wolverine: Origins. We deserve another great X-Men movie. As a DC fangirl though, I really need to be rooting for Green Lantern but I’m highly suspicious of the movie. It has so much potential for much suckitude. I’ll be there opening night with high hopes, but I’m afraid the complicated and kind of bogus story of the Lantern Corps might be too much for audiences.

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