Red State has led an interesting life as it slowly works it’s way towards an official release. Kevin Smith pissed a lot of folks off when he announced he would be distributing the movie himself, or at least without studio involvement, but it seems this hasn’t soured any of his fans. Using the growing empire of podcasts and now S.I.R, Smith has done a fine job spreading the Red word. He’s also been taking Red State on tour premiering the flick in cities all around the country.

Red State is set to be released via Video on Demand in September, but now, in an Academy Award-qualifying move, Red State will have a theatrical run from August 19-25 at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles. So, bully for you, Angelenos. To coincide with this announcement here’s a look at the official trailer and poster, of which you can see a bigger, prettier version below the cut.

Whoa. This is the first footage I’ve seen of Red State, and seriously, whoa. This is creepy shit. A very different film for Smith, but a welcome change on a crazy, intense subject. I’m stoked. My favorite part of the trailer might be, “From @ThatKevinSmith,” making social media a prominent part of the film’s promotion, which it was.

So now Red State‘s well in the can, and soon set for release, what is Smith doing with his free time? Oh, just watching his media empire grow. From live shows, podcasts and an internet radio station, Smith is really making a brand of himself. Well now we might be able to catch him on a daily televised talk show. Here’s what Vulture has been able to uncover,

Smith’s reps are telling celebs that the tentatively titled Kevin Smith Project will be “a daily 30-minute entertainment talk show for syndication … The idea is a Regis and Kelly talk show at the opposite end of the day for the opposite kind of audience — the 12-34 demo. Kevin and his co-host will talk water-cooler topics at the top of the show, followed by a celebrity interview and a comedy segment from the field (a la The Daily Show). Each show will feature one celebrity interview.” The message also gives a hint as to which studios might be behind the project: “The show is being positioned to air following TMZ, in the 6-8pm time period on the Fox stations in all the major markets.” TMZ hails from Warner Bros. Television’s Telepictures unit, so that studio could be a likely home for Smith; the Fox stations also could be behind the show via their sister studio, Twentieth Television.

Interesting, but I have the same concern as many others, how can you really enjoy Kevin Smith censored? I mean, he’d have to be for this show to be on FOX or any other cable station. Either that or it’ll be a show with a lot of fuckin’ beeps.

So what d’ya guys think? On any one of these topics, the Red State trailer and poster, his TV talk show, or shit, Smith in general. Sound off!

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