We have less then four weeks until the second half of Doctor Who series 6 hits the airwaves, but the first promotional picture has hit the who-niverse. It does turn into a bit of a mindfuck though, with not one, not two but 3 Ponds in one shot. Somebody pinch me.

From left to right we have a Silent, Rory, a Pond, The Doctor, a Pond  and… another Pond? Knowing how smart (and crazy) some Doctor Who fans can be someone will more then likely figure out why this shot takes place in a desert with lightening and a pyramid.

Check out the full size shot after the jump

This second half of the season gets even wilder with the start of ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, the first episode. We’ll have to wait and see what Steven Moffat has in store of the Doctor and crew when the remainder of season 6 starts August 27th, 2011 on BBC one.

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