If you’ve been to a convention, then you’ve seen different kinds of costumed crazed fans. These people can walk around in 30+ heat in costumes that wouldn’t permit anyone to be as chipper as they seem.

These people are called Cosplayers, the people that are slightly off from the norm, but in a world all their own and they- well 3 of them anyway- are the subject of director Josh Laner‘s My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers.

Have you ever seen a documentary film about Cosplayers? Shit No! These people are the fans that are willing to dress up as the characters you see, play or read about, but are either too nervous or unwilling to try. You might laugh at a Cosplayer for what they choose to wear all day, or even be shocked by it, but you can’t deny the time they spend on a costume. They are the die hard of die hard fans, willing to look ridiculous around people just as ridiculous as themselves.

These people are dedicated and I mean that in the highest sense, just check out the trailer an see for yourself.

Special thanks to Laughing Squid.

“My Other Me: A Film About Cosplayers” will chronicle the lives of 3 distinctly different cosplayers as they prepare their costumes for the upcoming season of Anime and Fan Fest conventions.”

The film is currently still in production and you can contribute via its Indie Go Go page right here.


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