Yesterday we mentioned how Warner Bros. does have plans for a Green Lantern 2, no matter it’s box office performace, critical or fan acclaim. But Green Lantern isn’t the only super hero Warner Bros. wants to see on the big screen, the long rumored Flash movie might be happening, eventually, maybe, well at least there could be a script.

[Film Group President Jeff] Robinov said the studio has “a solid script” for the Scarlet Speedster. The executive also remains interested in bringing DC heroes together for a “Justice League” movie.

Not just any script, but a solid script. Whoop-de-freakin’-do. I won’t believe it till I hear from the folks working on said script.

The above excerpt comes from Hero Complex, where they spoke with Robinov primarilly about the future of Green Lantern, but he also gave a little insight into the future of their other properties. Like the even longer rumored Justice League movie. Will it happen? Do we want it happen? Will DC continue to fail where Marvel has succeeded again and again in creating an accessible and engaging movie-verse?

I like to hope a Justice League movie could work, but DC and Warner Bros. will have to start planning and hinting at a team up flick real soon. Honestly, it might be a better move to not include Supes and Bats since their individual film franchises are already profitable, successful and well established. Christopher Nolan is about to complete his trilogy and I don’t think Batman would benefit from being rebooted in another film franchise so soon. Zack Snyder is embarking on Man of Steel and as far as I know he has no plan of connecting this incarnation of Superman into any other Warner Bros./DC films.

But you know what, I think a Justice League film could work fine without those two. DC has a whole menagerie of great characters just waiting to be realized on film. Think of all the different super heroes that served in the JLA or JSA, any combination of them could make for a great super hero team movie. Plus, with out Superman and Batman, Wonder Woman could totally be the leader! Oh, who am I kidding, I know they’d put Ryan Reynolds in charge.

Who do you think would make a great team for a possible Justice League movie? Or should Warner Bros. just walk away from the idea and let The Avengers do their thing?

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