Hold onto your Santa suits, guys, ’cause World War Z is coming to a theatre near you just in time for Christmas 2012 (or, alternatively, the End Of The World if you’re into that shit)! Paramount has announced that the film adaptation of Max Brooks’ kickass zombie novel will be released on December 21, 2012. World War Z will be joining a shitload of other big movie being released in December of 2012: The Hobbit, Life of Pi, Hunter Killer, Lone Ranger, and Django Unchained. It’s likely that some of these films (y’know, the ones that don’t have as much assurance that they’ll do well) may jump ship and find another release date, but it’ll still be a damn busy period of time at the box office.

We’ve also got some new set pictures of Brad Pitt, who plays the lead role of Gerry Lane as he journeys across the world to collect stories of the zombie wars. Check ’em out after the jump; he’s on a mofuckin’ boat!

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