The powers that be over at have long been a great source for apocalyptic and dystopian films and shorts. This time they have found an impressive little short about government control in the future and the reprogramming of trouble makers from Australian film maker Tom Noakes. Mongrel’s Creed has been making the rounds of the London Sci-Fi film festival, Israel Icon Sci-Fi Film festival, Adelaide Shorts Film Festival and Dungog Film Festival. Mongrel’s Creed is an impressive little short, I won’t spoil it, but there was one point in the film that I mentally flashed back to the “Thriller” music video.

Set in the dungeons of a futuristic rehabilitation center Gravel must confront his superior officer, Mr. Cod, in order to save his close friend Robbie from becoming reprogrammed.

Mongrel’s Creed from Tom Noakes on Vimeo.

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