And what is this first glimpse of footage?! It’s a nice, quality video of Joseph Gordon-Levitt walking across the street a couple times! Awesome, I mean, wha-!?

So…uh, this is really two minutes of him walking, back and forth, across some dinky road in Pittsburgh? Lame. Regardless, give it a watch below.

We know Levitt is playing cop, John Blake, assigned to a special mission by Commissioner Gordon, but is that all he is? In the video you’ll notice he’s carrying a gasoline tank as the new, fancy, completely un-fuckin-necessarry, desert camo Batmobile cruises ahead. What could this mean? Is he just providing a fill-up or is there something more sinister going on here?

Now, recently,  I was listening to the newest Hollywood Babble-On podcast with Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman (It’s really effin’ funny, you should listen, too) and they brought up an interesting point. Smith mentioned how surprised he was by the amount of spoilery footage we’ve been able to see online from The Dark Knight Rises set, and it’s true, there seems to have been more leaked about this film than any Christopher Nolan film before. So why are we seeing so much shit leaked out of what is a famously, very closed set?

Smith’s theory is it’s the ole’ bait and switch. If Bane is really the “big bad” of Rises, why are we already seeing him fight Batman? That’s showing your cards waaaay too soon. Which is where Smith draws his conclusion, Bane’s not orchestrating any of this, he’s working for someone else, who? SLIGHT SPOILER, Ra’s al Ghul.

I think it’s a solid theory, what do you guys think, and what are your thoughts on Levitt’s involvement?

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