Game of Thrones producers have announced the casting of Robert Pugh as Craster. Right now half of you Nerd Bastards are asking, “Who’s Castor?” While the other half are asking, “Who’s Robert Pugh?”

Craster is the master of Craster’s Keep, an isolated outpost beyond the wall. Craster keeps an uneasy peace with the Night’s Watch, offering scant shelter and food to the brothers of the Night’s Watch. You’re not meant to like Craster, he is what most would call a “right bastard.” A man with 19 wives, all of them also his daughters. What about all the little baby boys? They go out into the wild as an offering to the old gods.

Craster is the first real example Jon Snow is shown about the evils the commander of the Night’s Watch must tolerate for the greater good of protecting the wall.

“Who is Robert Pugh?” He is a damn fine choice for Crastor. His work in Master and Commander, Doctor Who as Tony Mack, and Robin Hood (2010) prove he has the acting chops to pull off this roll. He can carry off the grittty, no nonsense Craster. This Nerd Bastard is sure we’ll all hate the hell out of him as soon as we see him in Game of Thrones season two, just like that little blonde shit of a king .

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