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The successor to the Poke-bra, this Angry Birds bra gives each tit a distinct personality! (TDW: Geeks)


io9 featured a list yesterday you should give a glance, 10 Computer-Animated or Motion-Captured Characters Who Actually Look Cool. Considering all the buzz over Andy Serkis in Rise of the Planet of the Apes this provides an interesting list. (Psst, by the way, didja read our Ape review?)


Don’t forget that Mark was on TV, too, and that Star Wars is his movie debut. Never, ever, ever, ever let him forget it. Check that one off the list Star Wars fans. (Geek Tyrant)


AGH! My heart! – Pika? (Nerd Approved)


Do you find yourself becoming ravenously hungry whenever you read the food descriptions in George R.R. Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire series? Me too! But it could be the weed. Anywho, here’s the blog to ease your cravings, Cooking Ice and Fire. At the moment they’re concentrating on dishes from A Dance with Dragons, so caution, some foodie spoilers.


Hmm, what would Star Wars look like as a 1940’s film serial? A little Flash Gordon, a little Buck Rogers, even Leia looks a little Silk Spectre-ish. Click here for more pics. (Nerd Approved)


An adorably animated fan video for the closing song of Portal 2, “Want You Gone.” It’s hand drawn and makes the whole game seem a little less murderous. Only a little. (TDW: Geeks)


So, you’ve heard all the squawking and hubbub about whether Wonder Woman will be wearing pants or not come the DC relaunch. Well some artists have the taken this heated discussion to another level. What if every member of the Justice League what pants-less?

This image, with the repeated pose, is also poking fun at the ridiculous pose Wondy is sporting on the variant cover for JLA #1. Seriously, what the fuck is she doing with her hips, who stands like this? Click the images to be directed to the artists.


What if Chuck Shultz drew Jaws, huh? Make sure you click to enjoy at its fullest. (Nerd Approved)


Want you very own Wheatley from Portal 2? Create the puppet! TPR-Chan has the hook-up with a video of the puppet in action, with 10 phrases from the game, as well as build instructions. (TDW: Geek)


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