First Frank Darabont goes to Comic Con promoting the next season of walking dead, days later he quits ‘The Walking Dead’, and now reports are surfacing that he didn’t leave, but was forcibly removed. Did you catch all that? If you didn’t just read it again…ok, now doesn’t that sound like one dramatic reality tv show? Well it isn’t my nerdies, The Hollywood Reporter has just released a lengthy expose describing the “real story” behind Darabont’s sudden departure.

The Hollywood Reporters sources  state that:

“…last fall, even before the first episode of the show had aired, AMC let it be known that it would effectively slash the show’s second-season budget per episode by about $650,000, from $3.4 million to $2.75 million. AMC cut the budget and pocketed a tax credit previusly applied to the show.”

So obviously it seems that the tension between Darabont and AMC has building even before this show even started, and that it continued into fights on integrity and quality of the first seasons. While AMC continued to offer suggestions on how to make cost effective episodes (ex.  Shooting indoors for four days out of each episode’s eight-day schedule and having the zombies heard and not seen as much to save on makeup costs), Darabont continued to fight against this, desperately wanted to keep the integrity of the first season intact.  I mean no offense, but I’d be as pissed as Darbount just knowing that the creation I slaved over is being reduced to a piddly sci-fi wanna be zombie epic.

AMC had their sights on getting rid of Darabont and his power over the direction of the show, and finally found their reason to do so after filming of the second-season. Turns out  he brought in unusable footage and even though he tried to edit ‘the final straw broke on the camels back’ and they ushered  Darabon out of the show.

Of course, once the cast and crew discovered about this craziness they were reported to be stunned, angry and disheartened upon hearing the news. Then to make things worse AMC terrorized the cast and their representative to not reveal any details about the sudden departure with threat of being easily killed off the show and replaced.

At this moment all of this story and the situations occurring with the cast, crew, and AMC affiliates is all being “reported” on by unknown inside sources.  If this is true, damn….just damn! ‘Cause to be quiet honest, if something is that powerful and vengeful then I’d rather keep it away from me. My gut tells me this just can’t be true just because of how ridiculous this plot for removal seems to be.

What do you nerdies think, do you believe that Darabont was fired or quit…I’m on Team “The Truth Lies in the  Middle”, but you can either join “Team Darabont” or “Team AMC”, so which one are you?


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