As most know there’s an Evil Dead remake in the works. Before you break out the chain saw and shot gun in revolt, know that the chin master himself – Bruce Campbell– approves. During a panel at the Wizard World Chicago Comic Convention, Campbell praised the remake, saying:

“it’s not like we’re just tossing this thing out and farting out a sequel.”

Campbell has called it a more “sophisticated” version saying:

“It’ll be kind of a hand-made movie with a young filmmaker who is more experienced than we were when we made the first one, who will be casting more experienced actors than we had, so I don’t see how it could be any worse.”

Look, I’m all for re-workin’ The Evil Dead and makin’ it spiffy-er than ever, but the camp and unintentional cheeziness of the originals are what made them so darn successful in the first place. Remakes imply there was something wrong with the film the first time around. If you’re a fan of the Evil Dead flicks,  you know there’s not a goddamn thing wrong with them. You love them because they’re not perfect.

With that said, director Fede Alvarez being hand-picked by Raimi himself, along with the script by Diablo Cody… and of course, a cameo from Bruce Campbell, is encouraging.

COMMENT QUESTION: Who should play the NEW Ash J. Williams? My vote goes to Nicholas Brendon.

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