Season four of Cartoon Network‘s hit show, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is almost upon us. Premiering on September 16th, this season the galaxy is in an all out war as the Separatists and the Republic fight for control of Mon Calamari. And in Star Wars, no matter how large the galaxy we always run into the same people, so we’ll be seeing Admiral Ackbar as a young squid, before his rise to admiralty. Oh, and expect him to say, “It’s a trap!,” too. What is Star Wars without it’s tropes and cliches?

Watch the extended trailer below,

Things are really escalating on the epicness scale! Whose the dude wielding not one, but two double-sided lightsabers? He looks like a BAMF. And what of little, Ahsoka Tano. She’s not so little anymore and she’s a kicker of ass in her own right, so what will happen to her, what is her final fate? Tune in September for another season of the best Star Wars around (at least currently, no, in the last 20 years!).

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