Whether  tall, wide, thin, short, shy or not the different fiction creatures in films have endeared us to them through their interaction with the lead character and their persona through the films. While some may be creatures who can speak the human tongue, others cannot. Yet, we understand what they say and how they feel, so with this in mind how do we react towards their deaths. In this top ten list we boil down sad deaths, and sift them down to the ten saddest. We start our list off with one of the tinniest creatures in the world that is said, to scare elephants. (at least in cartoons)

10) Mr.Jingles- The Green Mile

While Paul, the douche prison guard, prepares Mr. Delacroux for his execution they begin discussing the fate of Mr. Jingles. Mr. Jingles, the jail mouse that entertains the jailmates and is Mr. Delacroux’s friend,  runs out of the cell and Percy stomps on the mouse with his boot supposedly killing him. Mr. Delacroux becomes upset and Paul picks up the mouse and takes it to John.

Despite not being one of the “most” dramatic deaths, it is a very subtle look at how important a fictional creature is to the fictional jail. The environment on death row is that of dread and everyday you just wait for your name to be called. Some light humor from a humble little mouse never hurts to pass the time.

9)Yoda- Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

While he may be as old as dinosaur farts, his death is up on the list of fictional creatures. This Jedi-badass died in one of the simplest ways imaginable….old age. In the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, Yoda is sick and greatly weakened by old age. He informs Luke that he has completed his training but will not be a Jedi until he confronts Darth Vader; and at the same time confirms that Vader is Luke’s father before Yoda then peacefully croaks at the age of 900. His body disappears and becomes “one with the Force”.  This is not as climactic and tear-jerking as the other deaths on the list, but it does give a peaceful end to a man who was constantly at war and fighting against evil.

8)Gollum/Smeagul- Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

I must say Gollum may not be popular, but his death really was “epic”. Falling into the fires of the lava filled Crack of Doom, and in a way it was the one heroic and kind thing he would ever do for Frodo. Frodo who was entranced by the ring was swayed to keep it for himself and not throw it into the lava, but angsty little Gollum bits off Frodo’s finger and falls into the lava, destroying the ring and himself.

Say what you want about Gollum/Smeagul or whoever the hell he was, but his utter devotion for the ring was pitiful and creepy to the point that you can’t help, but feel bad for the fact that in the end he still died and could only keep the ring for the few seconds it took to fall into the lava.

7)Frankie- The Monster Squad

In Frank’s final moments, he saves Sean from Dracula– gets in a perfect diss and saves the day. Yet despite saving the day the portal opens to expel all the bad and begins to drag Frank in. No matter how he tries to hold on to Phoebe, he cannot. In one last desperate attempt, Phoebe throws in her stuffed animal which Frank holds onto, and smiles as he is sucked into the vortex with the knowledge that he has made friends and no longer feels ugly.

This scene was touching and sad because no matter how much Frank wanted to stay with his friends, he had to go into the vortex and only have a stuffed animal to remember them buy. 

6)Aslan – The Chronicles of Narnia

I feel that that Aslan’s death in The Chronicles of Narnia is gruesome, and slightly torturous. Once Alsan gives himself up to the witch, he is dragged unceremoniously onto the Stone Table and Jadis finishes him off in a traditional yet classic method, with her sacrificial dagger. They shave off his mane and bind him in ropes. The pain in his eyes is apparent, and the fact that the poor kids have to watch this whole scene unfold before them is quiet chilling. I mean come on…S&M inspired death can be traumatizing. I guess the only way Disney can make up for that is in one fell swoop bringing Aslan back to life, but if you look past the sun-cast lion mane is the minutes Disney stole of your innocent brains.

5)Draco the Dragon – Dragon Heart

This particular fictional creature death is slightly odd. The death is sad and tragic due to its look at “the bigger picture” and whether it best to value honor or oneself. Enion, who only wants the dragons to greedily prolong his life through keeping Draco alive, is under siege by rebels.  While this is occurring Draco begs Bowen to kill him as it is the only way to end Einon’s reign. Einon freaks out at his revealed secret and charges at Bowen with a dagger, but Bowen reluctantly throws an axe into Draco’s exposed heart. Draco and Einon both die, and Draco’s body dissipates as his soul becomes a new star in the constellation.

4)E.T. – E.T

E.T’s  death is slightly more memorable and his revival soon afterward is moving because of it.  E.T’s health begins to decline, and while Michael and Elliot go out for Halloween with E.T everything seems so hunky dory, plus slightly oozing with sappy-goodness. The next morning after their excursion around the streets Michael finds E.T dying in the forest, and when he takes him to Elliott realizes that he is also dying. Mary, Elliott’s mother, becomes frightened when she discovers her son’s illness and the dying alien, before government agents invade the house. Scientists set up a medical facility in the house, quarantining Elliott and E.T. Their link disappears, and E.T. then appears to die while Elliott recovers. A grief-stricken Elliott is left alone with the motionless alien.

This death is ingrained into the memory of all who watch it the film because the child with his childlike innocence and joys must face the grim realitities of death through his friend. He holds the lifeless corpse of his friend in his arms, and as a child or adult who watches the film it is something that pulls at some dusty heartstrings.

3)Artax- The Never Ending Story

I’m not sure why, but the death of animal always seems to wiggle its way to tragedy just because they cannot speak the human tongue, but instead makes sounds that cause distress louder than words. Artax’s death in The Never Ending Story really instills that helplessness and chill that an animal can bring when crying in distress.  The scene of Artax’s death takes place in the deadly Swamps of Sadness, that Artreyu must pass in order to see the ancient Morla, the wisest being in all of Fantasia. Arteyu’s passage is hindered though, due to his horse, Artax, who is enveloped by the sadness of the swamps and sinks into the mud. No matter how Arteyu tries to pull his trusty steed out of the mire of dark emotions, he must leave Artax behind, and watch as he sinks into the swamps depths.

2)Dobby – Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows

This scene was seriously close 2nd when it came to making you just curl up in a ball in the corner of your room, and hate liking a particular character only to see them get killed off. Dobby from Harry Potter is just one of those characters, and despite his initial introduction, which is slightly taxing on the nerves, his over all growth and final demise really stretch the bounds of friendship and loyaltly.

So, in the film  Dobby dies due to an attempt to  rescue Hermione and Griphook. Dobby arrives into the scene in a typically sneaky manner by causing a chandelier to fall on Bellatrix.  In the confusion, Ron. Hermione, Harry, Griphook are Disapparated to Shell Cottage. As Harry Disapparated, Bellatrix threw her knife at him. Harry, not knowing where he was heading, was relieved to find, in the midst of his Disapparation, that he could feel Dobby alongside. Arriving at Shell Cottage, Harry discovered that Dobby had been fatally wounded by Bellatrix’s thrown knife. Dobby died moments later, his final words being Harry… Potter”.

No matter how cheesy it may sound, his death really epitomizes friendship that knows no bounds.

1) Sam-I Am Legend

Whether you agree or disagree, the most tragic death of a fictional creature was so difficult ‘cause the top three really send tears down antiqued eye ducts. Will Smith who plays marine virologist Lieutenant Colonel Robert Neville must survive a post-apocolyptic world affected by a virus caused by the cure for cancer. Of course, Neville isn’t alone. He has his wonderful canine companion Sam right by his side, who helps him capture the infected aka Darkseekers and experiment on them. One capture, as it happens in all movies, leads to some precarious situation with the Alpha Male Darkseekers who launches an attack on Neville and Sam who are attacked by a pack of infected dogs. Although Neville and Sam manage to kill the dogs, one bites Sam during the fight. Dogs are immune to the airborne strain but are susceptible to the contact virus strain. Neville brings Sam home and attempts to save the dog by injecting a strain of his serum. Neville sees a piece of Sam’s fur fall, pupils fully dilate, and gums become inflamed. Neville is forced to strangle Sam when the virus takes over and the dog attempts to bite him.

After being with Sam for so long, and being the only real form of companionship that kept him sane it is clear that Sam is broken. Whether to kill afriend or to keep the shell of what they were, that decision can cost more than a person can handle. It makes the audience really wonder, if they were put in a post-apocalyptic world can such a small form of companionship really be the one deciding factor between death and survival.


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