It look’s like we’re one step closer to hearing the Ecto-1 squeel around New York city once again. Maybe. Probably not.

Sources close to the Ghostbusters 3 project have been talking and word is that Columbia Pictures is circling Aziz Ansari for a role in the long overdue third picture. A very funny individual and co-star of 30 Seconds or Less is a perfect selection to add to the ghost busting team, but this is only internal talk, meaning don`t start spilling your ectoplasmic residue with joy all over the computer.

If Columbia does decide to follow through, and Aziz accepts, then he`ll join Harold Ramis, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, Rick Moranis and Sigourney Weaver who are all supposedly confirmed for reprises. Ivan Reitman will also return to (eventually) direct, but it all hinges on Bill Murray who is rumored to be holding up the progress.

A ragtag group of paranormal researchers reopen their notorious ghost removal service, and a new generation of Ghostbusters is brought on board to be green slimed and trained to contain the mischievous spirits.

Having a comedic mind like Aziz`s is something the studio heads need to get on before it`s too late. It might be a few more weeks, months, or years before we hear anything else. So don`t cross the streams just yet.

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