I hate almost all sitcoms. Don’t get me wrong, I mean, I’ve watched a few here and there, but they mostly just make me angry. Dorkly‘s “Mortal Kombat sitcom” however, does not make my eye twitch with hate. Mostly ’cause it parodies the ridiculous commonalities all sitcoms have.

The first episode titled “Get Over Here” aired a few months back and it was genius! Basically they put Scorpion and Sub-Zero under the same roof, and give them a dynamic that parodies those in every TV show about two single men. The videogame lines used in corny jokes, and oddly placed conversations made me laugh like a ‘tard.

Well, “Get Over Here” is back. In this episode: Shao Kahn comes to dinner. Will Scorpion get the big promotion? Or will he get his spine ripped out through his eye sockets?

If this was on Adult Swim, then there would be a total of 3 good shows on Adult Swim. Its so funny cause its such a typical sitcom.

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