Carrie Fisher will forever be remembered as the fiesty rebel leader and princess from Alderaan, and she’ll always be compared to how she looked back in 1983 when she donned the now famous metal bikini. We’ve heard the horror stories of how she had to starve herself just to have the confidence to slip it on, so what would make her want to wear it again?

Jenny Craig. Fisher is now a spokesperson and success story for the weight loss program as she has lost 50lbs in the passed nine months! Woot! Way to go, Carrie.

Recently interviewed on The Today Show, Fisher spoke about her struggles with her weight, being forever associated with Leia and mentioned there’s even a Princess Leia strain of marijuana! Hmm…wonder where she learned that tid-bit?

Watch the whole interview below, but the Princess Leia talk begins around the four minute mark.

What d’ya think about Fisher sporting the metal bikini, again? I’m all for it, I’m all, “You go girl!” It’s something I don’t think I’d ever have the balls to wear.

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