The new teaser for The Hunger Games premiered on MTV’s Music Video Awards last night. Let’s get down to it. There’s less than a minute of footage, only one character, some falling trees, exploding fireballs, and shooting an arrow at “something.” The movie is still filming so I guess that’s the best they could come up with. The video spends more time on the fan girls talking about the little clip than the clip itself and I found that part more interesting. I am a big fan of the books and will be in a theater seat that first weekend.

What do you think about these teasers? This NerdBastard is getting kinda tired of getting teased. I didn’t like it in middle school and I don’t like it much now. Hollywood’s gonna get a punch in the nose or stuffed intoa locker like Jimmy from the 8th grade if they keep up with these teasers without any substance to grab onto.   

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