Mark Romanek’s EPIC Hamster Dance

Battling robots blowing each other apart with lasers and explosions, that’s epic. A Kia Soul with dancing hamsters that make said robots start shuffling as a method of peace, that’s EPIC.

This sounds like one big Internet troll, but it’s actually the newest Kia commercial from director Mark Romanek. Don’t get me wrong, the man is a fantastic music and film director, but this is definitely a huge “what the…” moment for everyone. Since when does blasting a LMAFO song on a tin can of a car stop faceless robots from blasting hamsters into n00b paste? Hell, the car is onscreen less then the fucking hamsters are, but hey if it sells cars then go for it.

If you see one epic dancing video today, please for the love of God let it be this one.

Here’s the spot in it’s entirety.

If the commercial has peaked your interests then be sure to check out Entertainment Weekly for some quotes from Romanek. Then take a look over on Shoot to see how the special FX were utilized by Kia and Romanek.What’s missing, though? Was Rich+Tone’s choreography copied or did they actually have them dress up in hamster suits to shuffle? That’s the big question.

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