MODOK here, formally known as Mark Poynter, writer for NerdBastards and now Supreme Ruler of AIM and your next World Overlord. MODOK began his campaign to rule the world by attending Dragon Con 2011. What better place to build my band of absolutely loyal minions?

MODOK’s day began with a smooth trip to the Dragon Con Media Realations Room where he was greeted with much fanfare and smiles by the Dragon Con Media Group. The DCMG quickly determined that they stood no chance against the might of MODOK and proceeded to promptly give MODOK his press packet containing the vitally important Dragon Con Badge and assorted media paperwork. Armed with his badge and green press ribbon, MODOK proceeded out to survey the weekends field of battle.

MODOK quickly walked 3 blocks in the sweltering Atlanta Ga heat (94 degrees of wet humidity) to the hotel where the pre and on-site registration was occurring. MODOK was greeted by this site:

The above picture is the line that streached AROUND the outside of the hotel. The line was full of a wide assortment of future MODOK minions and was moving quite well in regards to past conventions. MODOK was happy to have his picture taken while he surveyed the crowd.

Suddenly MODOK was set upon by three brightly clad damsels to provide life saving MODOK blood to the local Blood Drive.

MODOK succumbed to the charm of these comely wenches and promised to donate once during this weekend. 

Locations and Hours of Operation:

The Sheraton

Thursday 2p-11p

Friday 10a-7p

The Marriott

Rooms A701, A702, A708

Thursday 2p-11p

Friday 10a-7p

Saturday 10a-7p

Sunday 10a-7p

Monday 9a-3p

While supplies last each donor will receive this great t-shirt for their generous donation. Remember to eat a healthy, balanced meal before your donation. If you haven’t eaten in the last four hours, please notify a LifeSouth staff member and a snack will be provided for you.

MODOK then took the opportunity to check out the dealers rooms during setup by retailers from all over the country.

MODOK continued to wander the floors of the multiple Dealers rooms (About 5 football fields worth), hotel areas (16 total – 5 major hotel convention centers), and crowd, (MODOK means MINION) watching.


MODOK quickly turned left when faced with SHE Hulk, and then MODOK was stopped dead in his tracks by a power he can not withstand. MODOK pushed back that single tear and beat a hasty retreat to his lair to reflect and plan his next days actions. 

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