Day two started out with a trip to the post office to pick up the box of goodies sent to MODOK by NerdBastards. Armed with NerdBastard stickers MODOK drove downtown to get the party started. For those who have never been to the South (Yes that should be capitalized, and said proudly with a drawl.), the heat is a wet heat, full strength humidity.

The streets and sidewalks around the hotels were already packed with people, pick a color and someone had that color hair. Costumes were in full swing and some great groups were posing in the lobbies. MODOK heard his name called and was soon having his picture taken.

I haven’t done much Cosplay, I’ve to got to tell you that it was very satisfying to have people yell MODOK! and then ask to take my picture. I kept trying to give them my best MODOK scowl, but mostly I just grinned like an idiot. Oh yes, that Cosplay is very hot after a few minutes and I was wiping sweat out of my eyes. I’ll never laugh at any actor that has to wear full makeup on their face and head again, it does get claustrophobic after a bit. The sweating pretty much killed my idea of having anyone else wear the MODOK head to take pictures. I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have to put that sweaty thing on after me.

Back to the feeling I got when people enjoyed my costume. I think I have a better understanding of those people that really go all out on their costumes. I’ve done costumes before but never gotten the responses that I received today, it was a heady experience.

Now MODOK feels that he should show you some of what he saw today. There are more pictures coming as soon as a good friend of MODOK emails them. Mike has some great pictures that we’ll be putting into a Dragon Con 2011 Cosplay Feast. Yes FEAST, not FEST. These ladies and gentlemen are a feast for the Cosplay eyes.

Yes, that is Wil Wheaton in all his glory. The Guild panel that Wil ended up moderating was a fantasticly fun hour of questions and stories. I found Wil later at the Walk of Fame and got an autograph and picture.

More of MODOK’s Adventures tomorrow.

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