The Nerd Bastards is crew slowly returning from the 3 day labor day weekend break. Will be back in full force tomorrow. However, there is news to be had. We got two brief Dark Knight Rises bits. Juno Temple’s role revealed and images of Catwoman kicking ass… with an apple.

Starting with the lovely Miss Temple.  The Dark Knight Rises is just about finished principle photography, however Juno’s role has yet to be revealed, or has it? When her casting was first announced the role was described as “a street-smart Gotham girl.” With Catwoman having major prominence in the film, it was speculated that Miss Temple would play Catwoman’s sidekick Holly Robinson. The character of Holly made her first appearance in Miller’s Batman: Year One. She lives with her friend and mentor Selina Kyle, and has even took over the Catwoman role for a brief period.

Now a recent magazine article has surfaced that seems to confirm this belief.

In the latest issue of Total Film Magazine the young actress speaks briefly about joining the cast of Christopher Nolan’s threequel, and the mag seems fairly certain of the part she will be playing..

Then there’s the big one-The Dark Knight Rises, where Temple plays “street smart Gotham gal” Holly Robinson. Speculation has it that her Holly is the young prostitute first seen in Frank Miller’s Batman: Year One, and that she may be the sidekick to Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman.

Temple, for her part, says:

I can’t talk about that. But I think it’s going to be [frick]ing unbelievable. [Nolan] is awesome! There’s something really gentlemanly about him. He’s got an insane, incredible vision going on. Just getting the opportunity to work with him is awesome.

Sooo… Total Film talked to Temple in a Holly Robinson sense and while the actress didn’t elaborate, she didn’t correct them either.  Basically, us bloggers are reading in between the lines. It’s what she didn’t say that confirmed the belief. That’s the theory anyway. Bah, this article was a big time waster. It doesn’t remotely prove or even suggest anything we didn’t already know. Temple more or less fits the way Holly’s been drawn and described, and since we already know that Catwoman will have a prominent role in the film, it makes sense that Holly would appear as well.

Moving on to something more substantial. We’ve got some new set photos (courtesy of JustJared) from the Los Angeles set of the film featuring Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle kicking thug ass with a half eaten apple in hand.

The movie is set to be release July 20th 2012, check out the pics and tell us if your Dark Knight just rose (Giggitty).


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