Stan Lee on ‘Avengers’ Set, Cameo Details

Will someone get that senior with the glasses off the set please…Oh wait, that’s Stan Lee! Somebody get that man a coke and and issue of Fantastic Four on the double.

Stan was on the set of Joss Whedon’s The Avengers filming his cameo. Just like every other Marvel movie he’s been, the “I spy Stan” cameos are a fun little gag honoring the man, the myth, the legend.

It is not known what his scene actually consists of, but the shots below clearly show him filming a scene with Captain America Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), minus the updated costume.

According to Worst Previews here’s what they believe Stan’s new cameo will involve. Naturally this is a SPOILERS AHEAD moment:

The scene features Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) sitting at a coffee shop with Lee sitting at a nearby table. Rogers is then joined by an older man, who some believe is a fellow-soldier from WWII.

What it looks like will happen, in theory, Steve is enjoying the updated century when he overhears Lee and another gentleman talking about World War II and possibly Captain America. Could be an interesting scene in between all the action and story. You just know Stan gonna have more involvement rather then just sitting in the back drinking a coffee. What do you think?

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