It was a dark and stormy morning at Dragon Con. OK, it wasn’t dark and it was only a light drizzle of rain, but MODOK made the smart decision to get into the STG – Boy Genius panel line early. Earlier in the Con Wil Wheaton had announced that he really didn’t want to do an hour of STG talk and would tell the “William F@#%ing Shatner” story with Paul and Storm.

The panel started with this:

Yep, Wheaton proceeded to “Cos” Play Cosby on STG, with the Plasma and the pudding pops. “That’s a $25 dollar joke folks.” After some back and forth between Wheaton and Paul and Storm about the cost of said joke, an attractive brunnette in a Mirror Universe, midriff exposed, Star Trek costume stood up from the front row and handed Wheaton $25 to subsidize that routine.

After removing the sweater Wil called out for “THE CAPE OF DICKS.” Here’s the 2011 PAX video where Wil received the cape.


There was much pomp and ceremony when Wil donned the Cape of Dicks. The donning ceremony ended with Wil saying:

“If you find yourself offended by the Cape of Dicks, you should probably leave before I start talking.”


Then began the epic story of Wheaton’s first meeting with “William F@#%ing Shatner.” (This is a previously performed version, MODOK’s video recorder failed epically.)

Wil then sat down with Garret Wang of Voyager fame and the current Dragon Con Trek Track Director. There were the usual questions until Wil was asked if he would sign a woman’s boob. Wil said why not and proceeded to autograph that boob.

About 4 questions later a guy stepped up to the mic and asked the same question.

The panel wrapped up and every filed out. Wheaton is very fast on his feet while on stage and really gives a great show. While MODOK was walking back to another hotel at the convention he ended up walking through the rain just behind . . .

Yes, that is Wil Wheaton in the Cape of Dicks walking in the rain back to the hotel for his time signing at the Walk of Fame. Even Internet greats get rained on. It was suprisingly fitting that Wil was kept dry by the Cape of Dicks.

Here are some other pictures of Cosplay that missed the last post.



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