Everyone’s got an opinion on the Garbarino commercials using Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown from Back to the Future. Some of those opinions are pretty angry; nerd angry. Nerd anger is a rage that can fall anywhere between “Your opinion angers me” and “You slept with my Mom” anger.

This NerdBastard doesn’t really understand the negative feedback Christopher Lloyd is getting for reprising his character for some foreign commercials. This kind of thing happens a lot more than most people are aware of. Suddenly Lloyd is the bad guy for working? Take a look at the commercials, Lloyd is IN CHARACTER. If Lloyd wasn’t in or acted as the character, then the anger could be supported.

Doc Brown was always a little flighty. So when Doc lands at a Argentinean Electronics store and makes a deal to shill electronics, why wouldn’t he? He has needs like the rest of us working stiffs. Here’s the rest of the commercials, make up your own mind. The “Press Conference” video has really been stoking the Nerd Rage fires around the Internet. Yeah, it’s hokey, but Lloyd is still pretty much in character and this Nerdbastard doesn’t think Doc Brown would have much press experience.

So watch the videos then start flaming this NerdBastards opinion in the comments section below. Don’t go easy on me, let me have it with both your Nerd Rage barrels!


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