When I wrote Tips and Tricks for a Dragon*Con n00b I said if you like it, chances are someone else at D*C will like it, too. This statement could not be more true than when speaking of The Venture Bros. It’s a quirky, outrageous, hilarious bastardization of all your childhood heroes straight from the insane minds of Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick. Venture Bros. is a show with a small, but ever growing, rabid and devoted fan base. I figure you can count on one hand how many people you meet day in and day out that are fans. You were probably the one who introduced them to the show, amirite?

Basically, Venture Bros. is a niche, but at D*C that’s okay. In fact, for Venturoos it’s frickin’ fantastic! Being are own little niche of weird, butterfly-lovin’, Jackie O. impersonators means when we meet it’s like finding a lost, kindred spirit. Welcome to the,

Actually, wait, before I even go there I should probably start with Quiet Time with Doc Hammer, the first Venture Bros. panel of the con. Sadly, Jackson couldn’t make it to D*C so it was very much the Doc show. James Urbaniak was also delayed in arriving to the con, but thankfully he made it for Sunday’s panel and party.

Again, back to Quiet Time with Doc Hammer, which I don’t think I need to tell you was anything but quiet. The fab folks over at the Venture Bros. Blog (who deserve a big thank you for organizing all of the Venture fun at D*C!) uploaded the entire panel for your viewing pleasure and you can check it out below.

To give you a taste of where this session of “quiet time” went, Doc Hammer said this before the Q&A began, “I will field any question, I am a quasi-expert at almost everything.”

And was then first asked this, “How old were you and who did you lose your virginity to?”


What was ultra cool come the end of the panel was Doc giving out free buttons to everyone. Not just any buttons, but these were homemade Hammer buttons, crafted with love and care. Here are the two my boyfriend and I snagged,

Also, when I say Doc gave these to us, it was more like the audience rushed the stage and grabbed for awesome buttons. Seriously, look at this crowd, what other celebrity guest do you know would handled a raving mob of fans so coolly?

Now Sunday, Sunday was a big Venture day. First there was the Venture Bros. Panel in where James Urbaniak finally showed up! Those cool people over at Venture Bros. Blog also have video of this panel,

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Yes, I am totally the idiot yelling out for them to call Jackson.

Moving on, after the panel came the par-tay! The Venture Party. Was. Awesome. Never before had I been in such a clusterfuck of fellow Venturoos! It rocked. And the costumes!?! Wow. Simply, wow. Before we got on with the costume contest, both James and Doc showed up to mingle with fans and sign a few autographs, because they’re just that swell.

Honestly, meeting them was a highlight of the con for me. Doc even commented on my Aquaman dress, saying “Hey, you’re an Aquaperson.” Why was this significant, because he was the first person that day to say anything about it! I was carrying a freakin’ trident around, people, come on. Up until then I was chalking the Aqua-ignorance up to no one liking Aquaman, but I didn’t even get a, “Screw you, Aquaman sucks!” all day. Whatever, Doc Hammer thinks Aquaman’s awesome, and that’s all that matters.

They came prepared too, they brought Venture Industries postcards to sign, which was great since all I had on me was the trident and booze money.

Before James and Doc left they gathered all the awesome costumed fans for a group photo. What sort of sucks, but is also completely incredible, is there were so many I never managed to get everyone in one shot.

What wonderful Venture Bros. cosplay, right? And to think, anywhere else these people went throughout the con they were thought to be in crappy Batman costumes or dressed as weird butterfly people. But here, at The Venture Party, they were stars. All of these images, plus close-ups of many of these spectacular costumes are available in the gallery at the end of this post.

Can you guess which was Doc’s favorite? Lady Au Pair and the Murderous Moppets. He and Jackson just love those Moppets, and no one knows why!?

But from here we had the costume contest. Twenty entered, four were awarded prizes, but only one was our grand champion. Here are the contestants,

Censored Brock




“Sexy” Monarch




Dean and Hank as MECHA SHIVA!


Hector, the janitor


Gangsta Henchmen


Prom Monarch


Lady Au Pair and her Murderous Moppets


Hoodrat Molotov






Henchman 21


Sphinx Brock


The Pirate Captain


Plug Man and Mama Long Legs


The Black Hearts


The Grand Galactic Inquisitor…IGNORE ME!

It was a completely rockin’ collection of costumes, and my favorite are the truly obscure characters. Like Plug Man and Mama Long Legs, they’re on screen for a matter of seconds in one episode, one episode! Totally awesome.

But who was our grand prize winner? The Grand Galactic Inquisitor! Honestly, could it have been anyone else?

Sigh, so there was The Venture Party as Dragon*Con 2011. I wish it could take place every weekend, but alas, we’ve got a whole ‘nother year to wait. Who wants to start planning their Venture Bros. costumes now? Remember, the more obscure the better!

Make sure you check out the gallery below for more images from the party and better looks at all the amazing cosplay.

Go Team Venture!

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