This theater nerd named Jon Cozart (who looks like he’s 12 and is apparently often accused of being gay ’cause, y’know, all skinny kids who like theater and showtunes are gay) came up with this pretty hilarious video.

Granted, a lot of what’s funny about this video is peripheral to the actual main bit, but he did do a good job with the writing and arrangement of these songs.

So, I present to y’all, the Lady Gaga inspired medley of movie villains!

Starting at 0:03, we’ve got The Joker from The Dark Knight to the tune of “Poker Face”.
From 0:32, Darth Vader from Star Wars to “Bad Romance”.
From 1:01 we have Hans Landa from Inglorious Basterds based on “Paparazzi”.
Aaaaaand from 1:38, Fox from Wanted takes the finale with “Just Dance”.

Check it out!

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