Daily Dragon , the daily Dragon Con news and update site recently asked Kate the following:

DD: When you did your Captains interview with William Shatner, what did you take away from that experience? Any new thoughts on Star Trek or your performance as Captain Janeway?

KM: My greatest thought was that we really must break the glass ceiling here in Star Trek. It’s not enough that I was the first female captain. There needs to be a continual push to open the door for women in positions of authority. In an absolutely equal way, of course. In talking to Bill I thought: This has been very much a boy’s club for a long, long time. I had the privilege and honor to be the first female, but that’s an establishment that needs now to be developed.

DD: With the reboot happening in movies, do you have any insights on what’s down the line with Star Trek? Do you think we’ll see characters from Voyager and the other next gen shows but with different backgrounds?

KM: They’ve worked long and hard for the past few years on the prequel notion. But I think they should go on and develop what happens to the characters after Voyager landed. In a movie.

Kate Mulgrew has been struck with the latest case of space dementia and has “Let’s make a Voyager Movie” fever. There’s no cure for this career debilitating virus, only isolation and a permanent seat on the convention circuit between Lou Ferrigno and that guy from Ghostbusters.

Wow, that came off pretty harsh didn’t it?

This NerdBastard liked Voyager, (Hey that rock hurt!) so it surprised me when the above statements poured out when starting this article. Really though, what was not answered in the Voyager series that was not answered by the series itself and the following books in the series?

Voyager got home, story over, commence happy ending.

There have been some other harsh comments left on *Cough-Cough* Internet sites about her weight and acting skills. I always thought she did a great job as the first Female Captain of a Star Trek series. That was an important milestone. If she came off as wooden in the first couple of seasons I saw that as her character slowly adapting to her new role as Captain, but a Voyager movie?

Don’t think so.

After the successful Abrams Star Trek Reboot why go backwards? Is there any reason Kate couldn’t play an ancestor in the Janeway family tree. Captain Janeway came from a long line of Star Fleet officers if this NerdBastards memory is not turning to jello with age. Kirk trying to use his sexy gaze while butting heads with an Great-Great-Grandmother Admiral Janeway would be fun.

What this NerdBastard would really like to see in the next movie is another female starship captain. There were twelve of those beautiful Constellation Class ships in the fleet. Have Kirk and the new female captain knock heads during a mission. Lots of sexual tension, posturing, maybe even some past one night stand romance between the two, cadet and captain? Oh the Fan fiction is starting brew. 


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