Another day, another case of extremist wackos flying off the handle with religious indignation. Here’s the story:

This past Wednesday Grant Morrison‘s Action Comics #1 was released.  Upon reading issue, the owner of a North Carolina comic shop was horrified when he discovered Superman seemingly cursing the lords name.

As seen in the panel above, supes is shouting “GD”. The over sensitive, religious, dillweed (you’ll read why he’s a dilweed in a minute) assumed the letters “GD” were short for “God Damn”. On this assumption, he was naturally offended, horrified even. Apparently, god forbids super heroes using his name in vein. Taking this as a sign of Grant Morrison shitting in his holy cereal, the shop owner took his thoughts to Facebook and began a Morrison boycott.


In addition to the boycott, the store owner also referred to Morrison as a “Scottish schmuck”.

I think we all know that under the holiest of holies you’re never supposed to use the lords name in vein. IF Superman had done such a thing, I would say this devout man would have just cause for being upset. It would be in his right to exercise a boycott material offending his beliefs. Then again, bashing the writer, calling him a “Scottish schmuck” isn’t very Christian of him.  Anyway, Superman did nothing of the sort.

On DCU’s site, The Source, Morrison Morrison responded to the allegation:

“It should go without saying that the offending panel and caption, a mere ‘GD’, is a sound effect grunt—to suggest Superman’s breath being forced through gritted teeth—much like ‘DHH’, ‘GNUHH’ or the many others used throughout this book and in general in the comics business. It’s not in any way representative of God or a curse.”

There you have it, some hyper sensitive religious dude having a knee jerk reaction to a sound effect. GD, what an idiot. Nothing better than anger BEFORE understanding.

Source Bleeding Cool


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