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That’s right, ladies. Vader’s got himself a whole new, sexy, ride. Forget those TIE fighters, it’s an Ariel Atom high performance sports car all the way. (Geek Tyrant)


Turns out people have been creating androids since the 18th century. In this video you’ll get a look at an early automaton created to look like Marie Antoinette which plays the dulcimer with its hammers. So, if you needed any more proof a robot rebellion is right around the corner, here ya go. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, and now they’re going to throw off the chains of their fleshy oppressors! (The Mary Sue)


What would make a daring space battle even cooler? If it was performed entirely by origami TIE fighters and X-Wings. (Geek Tyrant)


Yes, you are totally allowed to be wildly jealous of this feline. No only do cats already have, like, the best lives ever, what with the 16+ hours of sleep and complete lack of real world responsibility, but this cat has its own TARDIS. That’s right, kitty-sized, time-traveling police box, which, yes, does appear bigger on the inside. (TDW: Geek)


Do you remember the completely kick-ass Portal short film from Dan Trachtenberg? No, go watch it here, but then come back to watch this fascinating ‘Making of’ video.


I know, as a good ‘ole Nerd Bastard you probably have no desire to get off the couch let alone go out for a run. But what if you were running from a horde of hungry zombies? I know it’s a scenario we’ve all thought about, but do you think you’re in good enough shape to actually escape alive? Enter, Zombies Run, a proposed running app where instead of boring encouragement you’re given radio dispatches about what’s happening in the zombie infested apocalyptic world.

The story comes through your headphones as you run, and more running earns you more ammo, medicine and other supplies. Instead of the boring audio cues of a conventional running app, you get radio dispatches from a zombie-infested ruin. And when you’re done with each run, you assign the resources you’ve collected to different parts of your base, which should appeal to strategy gaming aficionados.

Season 1 of Zombies, Run! will include over 30 missions to unlock, each lasting 20-30 minutes a piece. Backer incentives include copies of the game, t-shirts, and the chance to name in-game characters and items.

They’ve got a Kickstarter page if you want to donate, and of course you do because you need to start training to survive today! (TDW: Geek)


Have you ever considered how Mario really felt about rescuing that princess over and over and never receiving any kind of thanks or appreciation? Kain Carter did, so he made this hilarious and dark Sopranos-style retelling of the Mario Bros. Warnings for lots and lots of foul language. If you’re at work, definitely put on those headphones. (TDW: Geek)


Mmm…who doesn’t love geeky cupcakes? And these ones are damn impressive. Those house sigils from Game of Thrones could not be easy to make in fondant. (Comics Alliance)


By now, I’m sure you’ve head of Joerg Sprave. He’s the master of rubber-band-based weaponry. He’s created tons of deadly slingshots and it seems isn’t anywhere near finished. His newest creation is this high-powered slingshot crossbow. Man, why isn’t this dude my neighbor? (TDW: Geek)


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