While Marvel beefs up their movie-verse DC is looking to TV for their next big success. They seem to be desperately searching for something to fill Smallville‘s gaping hole, and it unfortunately wasn’t Wonder Woman. Could a Spectre series be the ticket? The CW is currently developing a Deadman series,but this Spectre series is being developed by Fox with Brandon Camp writing and executive producing. Deadman and Spectre aren’t all that different, might they saturate the market with dead detectives/super heroes?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Spectre, God’s Vengeance, /Film as pretty good character summation,

He’s a second-stringer (or, more graciously, supporting character and occasional leading man) that has been part of the DC universe since the ’40s, when he was created by Jerry Siegel.

In life he was a cop, Jim Corrigan, but after being murdered he’s stuck in a post-death limbo, from which he seeks vengeance against his own killers (see where R.I.P.D. got its ideas?) and eventually against other evil men.

Over the decades the character has been a supernatural crusader; a member of the Justice Society of America (the first superhero team); a massively-powered, nearly omnipotent force; an excessively aggressive righter of wrongs; and an embodiment of God’s anger towards human evil. The ghostly aspect of the Spectre even became tied to Green Lantern Hal Jordan at one point.

I think this concept has a lot of potential. Particularly if they take their cues from the animated Spectre short from DC Showcase. It was brilliant, and captured the sinister feel of the Spectre perfectly. Watch a clip, here. Plus, Corrigan/Spectre was voiced by Gary Cole who I think would be fantastic in a television series, but I’m guessing they’ll want to cast someone younger. Screw that.

What do you think? Would you watch a Spectre TV series or should DC stop trying and just rehash another part of Superman’s life for a show (Lois & Clark, Smallville, what’s next?)?

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