Movie tie-ins are big business and seen as a win/win by the movie producers and the brand. These unholy unions are sometimes awesome, sometimes bizarre and almost always awkward. Guess which category Transformers and Hostess fall into?

The fine folks a Hostess are pro’s at geek marketing. If you’d picked up a comic book between 1975 and 1982 you would have seen the full page strip of Batman/Hulk/Superman/Spider man using a twinkie to stop crime. We’ll call that the good old days because friends, this Transformers promo isn’t as high class as those.

If you go to the Hostess website you can take part in this awesomely timed promotional tie into a movie that left the cheap theatres months ago. Enter your details and you can win an X-Box, cash prizes, games, movies, diabetes, etc.

Now on to the tasty polyurethane treats!

Chocwave? Oh I see what you did there, punny. So, Shockwave is shilling cream filled chocolate cupcakes with what appears to be unnaturally rad mystery topping cover with bits of glass? Mmm mmm mm. Leave it to a Decepticon to shred your insides. Feel Shame, Shockwave, shame… Wait, you’re a bad guy. This actually looks evil. Alright, as you were.

Wanna see the Autobot side of this? Are you ready? You better sit down and don’t drink anything ’cause there is a spit take worthy moment happening right about now!

SNOBALLIMUS! Words… fail me… should have… sent… a poet.

Seriously Hostess? When this came up at the marketing meeting, you didn’t hear the school boyish giggles in the board room? Couldn’t find something in the product line to tag with the moniker Fartknockatron?

I am actually having a hard time typing, I am still laughing over this and half expecting Ashton Kutcher to walk through my door; I am being punked aren’t I? No marketing team on this planet would miss how insanely ridiculous a name that is for what appears to be two photon blue fuzzy testicles filled with… god, I don’t even want to speculate at this moment.

I do, however, have a new name for myself the next time I am in one of those internet chat rooms you kids are all talking about.


Snoballimus Prime, rooooooollout.

*Authors note: yes, I am aware that Megan Fox did not appear in the latest Transformers movie. I just wanted to see what it would look like to have Twinkie the Kid ridding her. I am comfortable with my choice*

*EDITORS NOTE: The above post was written by Nerd Bastards contributor Jeremy r! Hudson, who is one blow job away from being a full time bastard.

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