F*ck Off Haters! The ‘Star Wars’ Blu-ray Rap

Okay, okay, I know there has been soooooo much drama surrounding the Blu-ray release of the complete Star Wars saga. There’s been some changes made, again, and some fans were a little pissed off. I was one of them, I mean, can’t George Lucas stop nitpicking! We fans don’t mind if the lone dewback in the background only moved slightly ’cause someone was pushing a stick around in its head. Whatever. We still loved Star Wars.

And now I’ve realized I need to apply that same mentality to any new version of Star Wars Lucas wants to whip up. It’s still Star Wars, and I still love it. In fact, I watched A New Hope last night on Blu-ray and it was beautiful! That double sunset over Tatooine…amazing.

I’m not the only one coming to such conclusions. Jennifer Landa, who you might remember from such awesome cosplay as the Death Star dress from Comic-Con, made this video to calm all us raging nerds the fuck down. It’s the Star Wars Blu-ray Rap, watch below, then go buy the Star Wars Blu-rays if you haven’t already. Seriously, you won’t regret it.

Also, this is a hot chick rapping about Star Wars. I don’t understand how you’re not watching this already.

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