For almost two decades McFarlane Toys has been releasing some pretty freakin sweet action figures. I’ll be honest, somewhere in my vast NerdBunker™ I have a steamer trunk filled with the company’s late 90’s stuff. Well, the next freakin sweet release from them comes with the stench of rotting meat!

When I first heard the rumors that McFarlane Toys would be releasing “The Walking Dead” toys, I was pumped. Who doesn’t want a little Rick Grimes and a couple of Roamers to act out a few scenes when the show is on hiatus or your waiting for the next issue to be released. (More than just me, right? Please?) When we started to see how the figures would actually look, I was ecstatic! If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out on! Coming out this month, The Walking Dead Comic Series 1 and in November The Walking Dead TV Series 1.

Just when I thought my excitement levels had peaked on little plastic toys about the undead and the soon to be, geektyrant dropped some pictures of the packaging today. I nerdgasmed.

Now, before you judge. Check out the packages after the jump and let me explain.




Nice, huh? Grimes with a big ol’bag of shotguns,a lurker, a roamer and, Michonne with everything she should have (spoon!).

Now look closer, do you see what I see?


SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS THESE ARE AWESOME! Makes sense I suppose, what kind of accessories could a zombie have other than his own gnarly rotting body parts, but also including ‘head splitting action’ is a sheer work of both beauty and genius.“Push button to see head split and brains splatter up”Don’t mind if I do, Mr. McFarlane, don’t mind indeed.

Safe to say I’ll be buying these, you should too. Then come over. I’ll haul out my Movie Maniacs Series Army of Darkness Ash and… hey, I thought we said no judgments!



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