Captain America 2 in 2014?

While doing press junkets for two of his upcoming films (‘Puncture’ a drama about a drug addicted lawyer and ‘Whats Your Number?’ a rom-com, other wise known as rent and skip), Chris Evans slipped out a little information about the future of  the Marvel Studios movie universe.

With ‘The Avengers’ hitting theatres May 4th, 2012 how long a wait til we see Captain America on the screen again? At least two years says Evans.

“They may wait until 2014 until they release the next ‘Cap’,” he said, “Marvel has a lot of balls in the air. They aren’t going to cannibalize their films.”

If you’re thinking you’ll see him in an after credit cameo, well you’re out of luck there. Evans says that he is signed to a 6 film deal in the star spangled tights and that means 3 for the Captain and 3 for the Avengers.

“Out of those six films, if I pop up in one of those [other films], it counts as part of the deal,” he continued, “So if they needed me in a third ‘Cap’, and I say, ‘F–k you, give me $30 million,’ well, they want to avoid that.”

Sadly, Evans gave no indication if MODOK would be the villain, but with a two and a half year wait we still have time to get the letter writing campaign going!







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