Hey, remember when we all ran to our favorite websites, online forums, AOL chat rooms (what? the kids are all crazy about the AOL chat, right?) Hell bent to let our nerd rage roar about George Lucas and his latest batch of digital diddlings to the Star Wars saga for the Blu-Ray release. All the complaints and bad internet press, all the lamenting and declarations not to buy the box set, that all sure must have hurt sales, right?


“Star Wars: The Complete Saga”, the big ol’ Blu Ray box set, with all that senseless tinkering, has made $84 million dollars worldwide in its first week of release. I bet Lucas’ neck waddle is engorged with pride over the news. According to Home Media Magazine, that makes it the the number one pre-order and number one catalog Blu-ray title in the history of the format. 515,000 copies sold in North America alone.

What do you have to say for yourself, North America. Seriously. All this will do is show George Lucas that somehow, in some twisted way, that he did the right thing this time. Again. Do you know what this leads to? Him coaxing our beloved trilogy (and the other 3 movies) back into the van for another round of his sick twisted games. Oh sure, he says it is our little secret, but why would he take those photos? Why? … um, disregard that last little bit.

Obviously, to the tune of over a million, fans must not have minded the changes or are at least willing to live with them. Is it the lure of seeing the whole saga in HD? The deleted scenes? The need to have it on yet another format? A deep seeded desire to see an ewok blink? Who can say.

I am yet to pick up my own copy, but every time I pass by the massive displays, I am tempted to give Lucas more of my money.

You win this time, George Lucas, this time.

And they say, George Lucas’ neck waddle grew 3 sizes that day…


Sources: Washington Post and Cinema Blend

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