As nerds go, I consider us to be quite an accepting bunch. And when two people get hitched and celebrate it in a geeky fashion, expressing themselves any way they want, how can we not be excited for them? Such is the case of the couple from Wales, Anita Bayliss and Margaret Wood, who were married recently at Liberty Stadium in Swansea in an awesome Star Trek-themed shin-dig.

Both of the brides were dressed in Star Trek: TNG formal wear, most recently seen in Star Trek: Nemesis, and all the guests were appropriately costumed in outfits ranging from uniforms to aliens in a variety of colors and foreheads. Wood adds,

If they weren’t in costume, they wouldn’t have been allowed in! Everybody looked amazing, they all went above the call of duty. One of my work mates came as a Borg and she really looked fantastic.

Check out a few more wedding photos below and let’s wish Anita and Margaret many years of nerdy, wedded bliss! And, uh, however you say that in Klingon, too. I’m a little rusty on my Klingon wedding toasts.

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