A little over a month ago Disney dropped the axe on the Jerry Bruckheimer produced, Gore Verbinski directed, $250+ million dollar werewolf laden Lone Ranger reboot. Now?  Deadline.com is saying the movie is back on and will go into production at the start of next year. While details are scarce, the official announcement is rumored to hit next week, the studio is reworking the plan and getting ready to hire back the crew. Johnny Depp is apparently still going to be Tonto, Verbinski (who also directed the Pirates of the Caribbean movies) and Bruckheimer will be there to make sure they waste as much money as possible on this terrible terrible idea. At least they seem to have cut the werewolves out of the most recent script.

This movie is a trigger point for me, causes flashbacks of “Jonah Hex”, “Cowboys and Aliens” and of course “Wild Wild West”. The unholy trinity of flashy big budget modern Hollywood westerns. Oh sure, there is a chance this movie could be good, right? Just as there is a chance a bus filled with sex starved cheerleaders will break down in front of my house and they only way to fix there bus is with steamy hot sexing.

Just checked, the bus isn’t out there, well penis… maybe tomorrow.

The budget will be trimmed, the deals re-worked, and the werewolves will be out and we’ll see if it makes it’s December 21st, 2012 release date.

Sources: Deadline.com and Hollywood Reporter


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