If you were near Washington Square Pare in New York this passed Saturday night you might have witnessed almost 1,000 people battling it out under the famous arch with lightsabers. Why, you might ask? Well, I’ll ridicule you for asking such a stupid question, like you must ask why a lightsaber battle could or would occur (’cause it’s totally awesome), here’s what the hosts, Lori Kufner and Kevin Bracken of Newmindspace, had to say,

Last night’s lightsaber battle was phenomenal! 500 lightsabers were reserved in advance, and easily 1000 people showed up. I am happy we can put on big family-friendly events; so many parents and kids last night. The Arch in the park made for an epic backdrop, and my favorite moment of the night was setting up an epic Braveheart-style skirmish with deafening cheers from each side.

See, Newmindspace is dedicated to hosting free, massive events in cities all around North America. Kufner and Bracken are just two crazy artists who have been “organizing free, fun, all-ages events like parties on subway cars, public pillow fights, giant games of capture the flag on city streets, massive bubble battles, public art installations” since 2005. A giant public lightsaber battle is completely within these parameters, and dude, are we happy they thought of it.

Below check out slew of videos and images from the fantastic event.

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