Nobody in their right mind liked X-men Origins: Wolverine.  However, it did have a saving grace -four words: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool.

Granted, what Fox did to the character towards the end of the movie was complete and utter garbage (Baraka knuckle swords, laser eyes…etc.). Regardless, the real joy came from the few minutes of Reynolds as the “Merc with a mouth”. He played the character of a witty asshole perfectly!

We’ve been hearing for months that a Deadpool spin-off is in works. We’ve been told it’s gonna be nasty-awesome. Over the top, balls to the walls and true to the comic. Question is, we have no idea when da fuck it’s gonna happen. So… what’s a fan to do? Well, make a fan-made trailer showing Wade Wilson and his murderous way.

This one in particular, from Youtube user jremoviebuff, could be the closest thing we get to what a Deadpool movie would be like. He even takes a stab at the joke of a character Fox turned Marvel’s fan favourite into.

Yes, it’s little rough as a trailer, but it was made as a fan parody so don’t expect perfection. It’s all for shiggles.

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